ATM Advantage Plus can place a mobile ATM at your venue to support your event.  Those events that can benefit from an ATM include:

  • Sporting events

  • Music concerts

  • Car Shows

  • Religious gatherings

  • Home and Industry shows

  • Local farmers markets

  • Flea markets

  • Food and Beverage festivals

Benefits of Hosting a Portable ATM


Many merchants at events don’t accept credit cards.  It is an added cost to the merchant and during busy periods credit cards slow down the selling transaction.  The same holds true from the patron’s perspective, a cash transaction is 

quick relative to using a credit card.  In general terms, almost all the cash withdrawn from a portable ATM is spent that same day, at that same location.  This is a true benefit to the merchants at these events.  

If you are an event organizer, consider the benefit of having an on-site ATM at your function.

  • Our ATMs have wireless processing capability to accommodate all transactions without interruption — no dedicated phone line is required.  All that is required is an 110V electrical outlet.  

  • Our ATMs are delivered and installed per your schedule at your chosen location.  The units will be in place before the gates open so you don’t miss out on any business.

  • We use our expertise to help position each ATM for maximum profitability. The more foot traffic you route past a cash machine, the better!

  • We keep the machines filled with cash so patrons never walk away empty handed. Our web-based monitoring program lets us know exactly how much cash is in each unit at all times so we can restock discretely and securely as needed.

  • We maintain the units in tip-top condition to keep customers satisfied. This includes on-site repairs or even replacement if an unexpected service disruption occurs. Our techs are available 24/7 to help since we know big events aren’t restricted to business hours.

  • Because we own these machines, they are covered under our insurance – you don’t have liability concerns or worries of any kind.

Contact ATM Advantage Plus, (805) 434-8240, to discuss the benefits of an ATM at your next event.